Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Remote Viewing PSYOP Broken Down

“So I investigated further, and this EEG Cloning used to be called in both Russia and the US; “Psychic Warfare”. The Pentagon had a unit back in the 70s, and it’s been rolled into psychological operations and informational warfare. Traditionally it’s a mystical energy of how people can remote view and perform other tasks, well there’s an actual technology behind it. We can go into more detail, but this is real. This has been around for a while, it is a type of mind reading. … The next weapon; complete control of the enemy.”
~Black Project Scientist Dr. Robert Duncan

Natural Remote Viewing PSYOPS

* Project MK Ultra officially started in 1953 and was allegedly shut down in 1973[1]. Several former insiders have stated on the record that Project MK Ultra did not end, but instead got more elaborate
* Various remote viewing divisions were allegedly established in 1970-1975[2][5], in the thick of the black project frequency science boom
* New age spiritual warfare cover stories were concocted to cover up the products of Project MK Ultra & similar programs
* Psychic nature & remote viewing were proliferated as a cover story for hi-tech mind interfacing technology to be used operationally on the global population
* Constructs that allow overt influence while the source is misdiagnosed have been proliferated as new age ideology


Once a target believes they are dealing with psychic nature several objectives are accomplished;

1. Establishes a vulnerability for remote influencing technology, overt interaction can be explained away as spiritual ability. One common model of black ops is to use constructs in which overt presence can be implemented while false explanations have been planted into the target's belief system.

2. Compartments conspiracy information consuming demographics from Ai building and BCI design in the coming neuro-tech revolution[3][4]. Opposition that believes spiritual ability can do everything the technology does naturally think spiritual ability is superior, transhumanism psychological warfare has effectively demonized end game technology to the new age demographics.

3. Creates a fertile secret society environment, the more deluded the public is the more superior the occultists can frame themselves when bringing in a new initiate to the occult truth.


Technological Remote Viewing

* Visuals in the canvas of imagination or dimension of the mind
* Up to the limits of consciousness used as design potentials
* End game technology provides accurate electromagnetic scans of physicality which is then able to be packaged into brain-computer interface based cognitive experience (See how this surveillance is being abused)
* Electromagnetic scans are processed by artificial intelligence and packaged for BCI consumption
* Electromagnetic neuroscience is used to insert surveillance based virtual reality cognition
* Satellite imagery can be represented via Ai & brain-computer interfacing (e.g. infrared)
* Neural monitoring surveillance data can be streamlined with brain-computer interface technology to reveal the contents of an individual's mind for an experiencer
* All conscious variables can be reproduced
* Full 360 degree visual immersion possible
* All sense experiences can be reproduced


"The products of Project MK Ultra are being explained with cover stories such as higher self guidance, holy spirit guidance, interaction with God and/or Jesus, demonic possession, spirit possession, chakra, channeling of 'cosmic beings' or deceased relatives, alien contact, spirit contact, psychic cognition, remote viewing, akashic record reading, near-death experience - NDE, out-of-body experience OBE, astral projection, telepathy, ascension symptoms, and a cosmic mass frequency shift." ~Omnisense

'Natural remote viewing' is known for being unreliable (see below). This is explained in new age information warfare as being a present reality due to 'latent spiritual abilities' that will come after a cosmic ascension shift predicted to take place in the year 2000[6], then when it didn't happen 2012, then shifted to 2017, and the latest date is 2022/2023. The concept is being milked for full psychological effect.

_________________________________ on US Military Psychic Intelligence:
"Whether the psychics provided any useful intelligence was the subject of a debate among intelligence officials as heated as it was secret. After the hostages were released in January 1981 and extensively questioned about the details of their experience, the Pentagon compared the information with 202 reports from the Grill Flame psychics. “Only seven reports” were proven correct, wrote an Air Force colonel on the staff of the Joint Chiefs, underlining the number for emphasis.

More than half, he added, were “entirely incorrect.” And although 59 contained information that was partly or possibly right, the colonel noted that “these same reports often included erroneous data."

Remote Viewing Psychological Warfare Objectives

* To cover up proliferation of the hi-tech products of Project mkultra & similar programs
* To proliferate powerful cover stories for remote influencing technologies
* To establish psychological vulnerabilities in conspiracy information consuming demographics
* To implant an engineered belief system that contrasts strategically with other belief systems
* The internet destroyed the establishment's media monopoly, the occultists are countering this by compartmenting conspiracy information consuming demographics from BCI usage/design and artificial intelligence building. Effective in part, by promotion of the idea that spiritual ability is the pure way and technology is the subhuman way.
* To delude the public. The occultists are always looking for the next way to delude the public.
* Divide and conquer: those who know the truth will be ostracized
* To keep the technologies to themselves, the occultists thoroughly enjoy these technologies and do not want the public to have them (this does not mean they wont be co-opting their release)


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