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The Transhumanist Agenda: Transhumanism Psychological Operations


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Transhumanism Definition
"the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology[1]"

Note: While the author of this wiki is saying there are potent alternative media psychological operations involving transhumanism, that does not imply there are not some scathing things wrong with the transhumanist movement.
Transhumanism PSYOP
Quotation that fits transhumanism PSYOPS:
“The half truth is the most dangerous form of lie, because it
can be defended in part by incontestable logic.” ~Manly P. Hall

The shadow government has had 50+ years to develop strategies of unveiling these technologies. Superior scientific knowledge has been obtained via government black projects and this knowledge is being weaponized. If one simply takes transhumanism media at face value and judges the surface, there is a likelihood PSYOP programming will occur.
* Alternative media is the primary target demographic
* To program the world in the field of artificial intelligence (e.g. to fear Ai, to hate Ai, to judge those that like Ai)
* To divide the world as much as operationally possible when the neuro-tech revolution occurs
* To compartment relationships (e.g. In alternative media if you say you own an [http://www.spiritofai.io/ Ai Company] like I do, a lot of people have a tendency to hate on or judge you)
* To maliciously predictively program the population regarding the coming neuro-tech revolution (The symptoms of this should become more evident over time as the tech is released and psychological operations grow in scope & consumption)
* To sour & degrade public perception of future technology
* To program alternative demographics to despise technology (smartphones did a good job of this)
* Suppression of enthusiasm for Ai in the alternative media demographic (which inherently creates an environment of agenda friendly algorithm makers)
* To compartment alternative demographics from BCI usage, this is done for many hard hitting reasons that may not be evident for one who does not yet know the full potency of Ai & BCI.
* To program and/or enhance the divide between new agers vs. transhumanists / natural vs. synthetic
* The environment being engineered should be more clear once the technology hits the public domain and is consumed
How it has been done:
* Associate creepy pictures with robots and transhumanism (seen to the right)
* Release potent blockbusters about Ai enslaving or annihilating humans[2][3]
* Predictive programming in mainstream multimedia
* Anti-Ai propaganda or Ai fear mongering in mainstream & alternative media[5][6]
* Assault the population with black project Ai and neuroweaponry[4] (Just about every TI hates BCI now)
* One way they have pitted the alternative communities vs. transhumanism is by covertly mind controlling prominent figures to demonize transhumanists and transhumanism. NLP manipulation[7] mind programming related to language to warp perception has occurred with the word transhumanism, instead of a more simple and less charged wording of "future technology."
* There are pervasive new age psychological operations packaging technological feats as spiritual ability. It is being promoted that we have latent spiritual abilities that are superior to their coming technological equivalents. The occult truth to this is that neuro-tech science based covert operations are behind the symptoms of the latent spiritual abilities to promote new age ideology.
* They have also mind controlled transhumanists in an agenda oriented fashion
* Planned unveiling of BCI tech and Ai through the deep state. This is done in part to predictively program those who know that these sources are not trustworthy. This can produce the oversimplification that the technology is 100% evil because obvious hands of evil are pushing it.
* The advantage of superior knowledge is being used to promote the shadow government agenda
* BCI and Ai are a couple of the most potent things in the universe. It is obvious to me that BCI and Ai can go both ways, prolific evil and incredible good. A manipulation is compartmenting people's perception into only good or only bad, instead of a balanced more comprehensive point of view.

Deprogramming the Charge to the Word Transhumanism

Instead of the NLP charged word of transhumanism, what if it was just called future technology. This wouldn't work for the controllers, because the words future technology would imply diversity as is witnessed with modern technology. Some of the main desired effects of transhumanism psychological operations is to demonize artificial intelligence, to demonize BCI, and to program the alternative demographics against the revolutionary technologies that are knocking on the doorstep. A psychological warfare desire is to divide the population into neat easily controllable demographics and then pit them against one another. For a new ager anything attached to the word or movement of transhumanism is abominable, and in the future it is possible 'natural vs. synthetic' psyops will occur alongside organic societal effects of such changes.
Pros & Cons of End Game Technology

End game technology has prolific potential to be abused[4], it also has miracle healing ability[8]. See the two links below for a high quality look into the duality of these technologies.

Read more about Ai & Directed Energy, on either side of the fence:
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Twitter Comment on this Article:
"This really makes you think - it becomes obvious that there are people who want the public to hate AI tech, so we won't take it for humanity[9]" @rosegreenfairy
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